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Become Approved For Social Security Disability Benefits

The Disability Care Center’s Advocates assist Americans in receiving Social Security Disability benefits by analyzing their claim, then assisting in the completion of a comprehensive application for disability benefits. Along with our experienced appeal knowledge we ensure disabled Americans receive the disability benefits they deserve.

Disability Qualifications

If you are suffering from a physical or mental condition that is disabling and are uncertain whether you qualify for Social Security Disability, our Disability Advocates can quickly assess your eligibility. A brief disability evaluation of your claim can quickly determine your eligibility.

Qualify For Disability

Application Assistance

Most first-time disability applicants are denied benefits due to technical errors made in the application, but at the Disability Care Center we guide applicants from start to finish ensuring a proper application is completed. Apply today and receive benefits as soon as possible.

Apply For Disability

Appeal Disability Denial

If you applied for Social Security Disability benefits and were denied, we can help. The disability appeals process is a difficult and crucial step for most applicants. Our organization has successfully helped thousands of disabled Americans appeal and receive disability benefits.

File an Appeal

Start The Disability Process Today

The Disability Care Center’s team of Disability Advocates are available to answer any questions an applicant may have while trying to qualify or apply for disability benefits. Issues while undergoing an appeal for disability benefits can also be solved.

We answer claimant's concerns regarding their disability application or eligibility with an initial evaluation of their current claim by a experienced Advocate. Any errors made in the application will be resolved and a conclusion of eligibility for disability will be determined, assigning them to the SSI or SSDI benefit program.

This initial disability evaluation is free and will help our team gather the information needed about your disabilities. Once qualified, an application for disability can be started right away. If an application has already filed for benefits we can take over and manage the claim, ensuring all paperwork has been submitted and documented properly.

Disability Claim Help

Are you seeing a doctor for your disability?
Is your disability expected to last 12 months or more?

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