Benefits of Hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney

Article By: Disability Care Center

If you’re thinking about making claim for social security disability benefits, it’s best to move forward with the assistance of an experienced attorney from the start. Too often we speak to claimants who have become frustrated with the filing process and really aren’t sure if they’re going to get approved.

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a social security disability attorney is that most attorneys are more than willing to provide a free consultation. At this stage of the filing process it’s important to determine whether you have a valid case to receive benefits. A qualified attorney will help evaluate the strength of your case and can assist you with the initial application.

Although some claimants choose to navigate the application process without legal representation, it’s not recommended. Claimants are much more likely to get approved if they have an attorney on their side. A knowledgeable attorney will know the best way to present your information so that it is favorable to you and this can make all the difference.

Other benefits of hiring a social security disability attorney include:

  • Little or no money is required up front and typically an attorney won’t charge a fee unless your claim gets approved.
  • Experienced social security attorneys understand what it takes to craft a case for filing and can provide all the resources necessary to increase your chance of approval.
  • Attorneys can sometimes get your claim approved more quickly.
  • An attorney can appeal your claim if it isn’t initially approved.
  • The attorney you hire is required to treat the information you provide them with as confidential.
  • Social security attorneys are experienced in drafting cases so that your condition falls under one of the pre-determined list of impairments for social security.

Other benefits of having an attorney on your side may come to light at the reconsideration or appeal stages of a case. For example, an attorney can help you retrieve and submit medical evidence, obtain a doctor’s opinion, and prepare you for questions in the event that your case leads to a hearing. If this happens, you’ll certainly want to have an attorney that can argue that you were wrongly denied benefits.