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Social Security Compassionate Allowance List

The SSA developed the Compassionate Allowance Initiative to identify particular disabling conditions and illnesses that are so severe they automatically meet the requirements for qualification for disability benefits. Compassionate Allowance is meant to significantly speed up the application process for those with severe impairments so they can begin receiving their benefits as soon as possible.

If you have a condition that is listed under the compassionate allowance initiative, you can get approved for disability benefits with a rather small amount of medical evidence compared to a normal disability. Although, the medical documentation still needs to prove the severity of your condition.

It is recommended that you gather the proper medical documentation to speed up the process even faster due to the fact it can take weeks to months for the SSA to receive medical documents from your doctors. Submitting medical documentation with your application may prevent this from happening and can get you approved in as little as 30 days.

Other expedited disability programs

The SSA has two other expedite disability programs besides the compassionate allowances to get applicants their disability benefits faster than normal. The two programs are:

The Quick Disability Determinations (QDD): The SSA has a complex computer software program that analyzes applications and will pick out applicants with applications that have a high probability of approval. The application will then be sent to the Quick Disability Determinations for evaluation and review. If the software chooses your application, you could be approved in as little as 30 days.

The Terminal Illness Program (TERI): This program is meant for applicants who are suffering from a terminal illness. A terminal illness is any condition that is expected to result in the death of the applicant. The terminal illness program was created to award disability benefits to those with terminal illnesses as fast as possible.

Which conditions qualify?

The SSA has created a list of conditions that qualify for compassionate allowances. These conditions include multiple types of cancers, diseases, and other illnesses that prove to be highly severe and hindering. Several conditions can be approved with a diagnosis alone while others must meet specific criteria to confirm its severity. Its good to keep in mind that not all severe and fatal conditions are listed.

Below is the list of conditions that qualify: